CIS Sandlot 9/23

  • Tournament Date
    Sep 23 2023
  • Entry Fee
  • Stature
    One Day Event
  • Age Groups
    10U - 12U
  • Event Details

    Individual registration event held at James Cownie Baseball Complex in Des Moines, IA.

    2GG | Round Robin.

    $45 for registration.

    Divisions will be combined age groups.

Tournament Division

Division Entry Fee Gate Fee Max Entries Game

Event Ballparks

Venue Name Address Maps link
James Cownie Sports Complex 2501 SE 22nd St, Des Moines, IA, 50315 Open in Maps
Venue Name
James Cownie Sports Complex
2501 SE 22nd St, Des Moines, IA, 50315

Event Lodging

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Venue Name Address Dates Details
James Cownie Sports Complex 2501 SE 22nd St, Des Moines, IA, 50315 Sep 23 Find Hotels
Venue Name
James Cownie Sports Complex
2501 SE 22nd St, Des Moines, IA, 50315
Sep 23

Sandlot Details


Rules to the Sandlot

Why play in the Sandlot?

  • The purpose of the Sandlot Games is to give players an opportunity to play in an organized-live game to work on batting and defensive/situational game play.
  • Utilizing the pitching machine will look to keep the pace of the game high, with plenty of action!

Sandlot Games Rules

No Bunting: unless a catcher is in play there will be no bunting.

Stealing is prohibited even with a catcher.

Any batted ball that hits the L-screen is ruled a “Dead Ball”.

If runners are on base, they will advance one (1) base.

Run inning limits.

If the batting team reaches six (6) runs in one inning, the inning will end, and teams will rotate.

Batting order will resume with the batter who was currently up to bat when the 6th run was scored.

Lead offs

Players will be given a three (3) step lead off.

Pitching Machine

Speeds can be adjusted during the game.

Adjustments must be agreed upon by both coaches before anything can be changed.

Both teams must hit off the machine before adjustments can be made; cannot be changed in the half inning.

Batters will be given 6 pitches to make contact. After 6 pitches players will be out and rotate to the next hitter.

Time/Inning Limits

Teams will play 7 innings or 1:15.

No new inning will be started after 1:15 minutes.

Sandlot Showdown Rules!

If the game is tied after 7 innings Showdown Rules will be enforced.

One pitcher, one fielder, and one player at home plate will take the field.

Hitter will be given 4 pitches.

When the hitter makes contact, they will run around the bases until they make it home.

The fielders must take the batted ball and relay it to the home plate before the hitter reaches home.

Each team will be given an opportunity to go in the showdown.

Showdown will take place for 2 rounds.

After the 2 rounds, if no winner has been declared then each team will take one (1) player to compete in a 3-pitch hit off, furthest hit wins the game.


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